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90-DAY G.O.A.L.S

For individuals with Type 2 Diabetes who want to lose weight and improve glucose control.

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100% Customised & Localised

Change is easy with G.O.A.L.S program. Conveniently get nutrition & exercise guidance customised to your current lifestyle, preferences and goals!

Ruth Ho Novi Health Coach

Proven Program

G.O.A.L.S is a structured program that has benefited my patients. The FreeStyle Libre sensor helps them to understand how their blood glucose levels are ffected by different foods. Glucerna® is a convenient meal replacement option, allowing patients to obtain good nutrition amidst their busy lifestyles.

– Ruth Ho, NOVI Health Coach
Senior Dietician

Sylvester Goh Novi Health Coach

-4.9% Weight Reduction*

Pleased to see good weight loss results in many of my participants Avg reduction of 2.4% after 1 month and 4.9% after 2 months. Very glad that I could contribute to their journey towards better health! 

– Sylvester Goh, NOVI Health Coach
Certified Fitness Instructor.

*Average weight percentage reduction

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I lost 7kg in 2 months!

The expert team took time to understand my needs and provided easy to follow suggestions… With the changes, I am less tired and moody and am able to better control my blood glucose level with the weight loss. Overall, I feel happier than I was before!

– Roberto Bruce, 2 months on program.

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I am maintaining my weight.

The expert team provided me with great support and customised advice by closely monitoring my glucose levels. They also gave valuable guidance on exercises suitable for my condition. (…) I particularly enjoyed the use of delicious Glucerna® as snack to help me control my intake and to keep me on track!

– James Tan, 2 months on program.


Dad lost 3kg & lowered glucose levels!

Ever since my dad started on the program, I noticed a positive change to his overall fitness and health – he successfully lost 3kg from his initial 80kg and maintains his glucose levels at 6.9mmol/L, a significant difference from his usual average of 7.8mmol/L! Great thanks to the team and G.O.A.L.S Program!

– Jade Seah, Celebrity Dad, 2 months on program.


10% reduction in glucose levels

The positive changes I’ve made during the program has helped keep my glucose levels at a healthy average of 7.0mmol/L, a further improvement from when I was at an average of 7.8mmol/L, during early trial-and-learn stages of the program. I continue to practice these lifestyle habits even post program!

– Chew Chor Meng, Mediacorp Artiste, 3 months on program


Maintaining good control at 6.6mmol/L.

Change is easy with G.O.A.L.S program! I’m amazed that by making simple
adjustments to my diet and lifestyle habits, with guidance from the experts, I am able to easily improve and revitalise my life amid my busy schedule. I will stick to the lifestyle habits so that I can continue keeping my glucose in control.

– Marcus Chin, Celebrity 3 months on program

How G.O.A.L.S work?

Spend less then 15mins a week to get customized diet & exercise guidance! Include continuous glucose monitoring that gives you valuable real-time feedback on regime changes.

*Interaction with Novi experts 

Go Exercice (2)


Get a customised exercise plan that fits your goals and current levels of fitness.

Observe Your Glucose (2)


Easy continuous glucose monitoring – FreeStyle Libre‘s 1-second painless # scans provides constant feedback on your lifestyle changes to achieve good glucose control.

Achieve Weight Loss (2)


Get a customised plan that fit your current lifestyle to help lose weight sustainably for improved glucose control.

Learn Healthy Eating


Learn to eat your favorite foods right with guidance from the team. Opt for localized meal plans that incorporate Glucerna®!

Stick To Your Plan (2)


Quick & Convenient Spend less then 15mins per week and get guidance anytime, anywhere! Choose to meet face to face or simply connect remotely via phone to get your questions answered!

Who is it for?

The 90-Day G.O.A.L.S Type 2 Diabetes Patient Engagement Program is specially designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes who want to: 

Important Note

You should consult your doctor/primary care providerbefore participating or engaging in an Program activity.If you do not currently have one, you should seek outand consult one prior to starting program;

Ensure your doctor/primary care provider is at all timeskept fully aware of and approves of the Programactivites you are undertaking as being suitable for youand compatible with any care or treatment you may bereceiving;

The Program only serves to complement and not toreplace any part of the care or treatment you may bereceiving from your doctor/primary care provider;

Please note that medical advice, consultation or similarservices are not included in the Program.

If you have Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, you must consultyour doctor/primary care provider before participatingor engaging in any Program activity.

Packages & Prices

14-Day Trial Pack
From 68 SGD

Glucerna®14 Day Trial Package
Freestyle Libre 14 Day Package

Add-on: +50 SGD
Freestyle Libre Sensor

30-Day Trial Pack
From 199 SGD

Glucerna®30 Day Package

*FreeStyle Libre indication of use and device compatibility guide. (Click to expand) ~Digital wellness guidance services refers to nutrition and fitness guidance provided by your wellness advocate via mobile and NOVIFY application.

How to register?

Keen to improve your diabetes control but don’t know where to start? This program is for you! Experience our 14-day trial or 30-day START program that is renewable after every 30 days. Start your empowerment journey with 4 simple steps today!

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